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CVD Slicing

Carve out your way to profitability, with a new height in slicing

Skillfully smart way of slicing

Smart slicing creates a strong foundation for profitability In CVD Diamond, and you just take no chance in it. Slicing solutions from STPL proclaims a new level of perfection, offering finest accuracy and minimal kerf width.

More Slices per Stone

Maximize the gains

CVD, Slicing, diamond
  • CVD, Slicing, diamond

    Slices with Smoothness

    Precision technology ensures maximum production of the slices with excellent surface smoothness.

  • CVD, Slicing, diamond

    Accuracy at its Best

    The uncompromised technology produces no taper slices for growing the best quality seed.

  • Diamond slicing

    Minimal kerf width

    Enhancing the value of the output which results in maximum possible slices per stone.

Hand free operation

Do less, get more

CVD, Slicing, diamond
  • Start it & Forget it

    Batch operation facility streamlines the production, with batch operation of up to 10 stones at a single go for the slicing operation.

  • Quality & Quantity Matters

    Barcode based data transport guarantees data accuracy and boosts productivity.

  • Minimal Human Intervention

    Smart automation results into minimum operator intervention, again maximizing outputs. The machines are their own master and literally up to 12 hours no human checks are needed.

High Productivity

Extend the gains

CVD, Slicing, diamond
  • Rapid Import

    Importing all the important data is just a single click task.

  • Minimum Human Touch

    The technology is developed in such a way that it almost works on its own, minimizing the need of operator interventions and chances of errors.

  • More Output

    With STPL, precision is achieved certainly not at the cost of speed, you are sure to get more slices per hour, we mean a quality production.

  • Designed for Production

    In an era when smart working is the key to success, each of the STPL solutions is developed to increase your returns of CVD.

Ease of operation

Achieve the unthinkable

Interactive and Graphical user interface

Performance gets enhanced when the work is enjoyable and intuitive. Solutions by STPL are designed to maximize the ease and joy of working, creating a smarter workflow.

Intelligent software

We can say it can read your mind! The software is developed in such a way that it goes beyond following your commands; it knows what ought to be done and helps you achieve that seamlessly.

Ultimate accuracy

The price of a diamond depends on its flawlessness. STPL solutions are like the epitome in accuracy, providing finest and most precise planning, be it for 4p, blocking or slice cutting.

Detailed MIS reporting

In the game of business, the winners are the ones who understand their data deeply. STPL solutions provides in-depth MIS reporting, helping you make informed decisions.


Peace of mind, guaranteed

Reliable Engineering

The path-breaking innovations from the global leader, STPL, means complete peace of mind in all the senses.

Low Maintenance

Thoughtfully developed and thoroughly tested mechanism keeps everything working as desired, without requiring time-consuming or costly maintenance.

High Grade Material

Impeccable quality material ensures, break-drown free production, augmenting the yields all the time.


Performance at its pinnacle

CVD, Slicing, diamond
  • Industry Leader

    A global leader in diamond processing automation since decades, STPL defines the way the industry moves, giving our clients a cutting-edge over their competitors.

  • Best after-sales support

    Though you will hardly require it, STPL provides prompt and thorough after-sales support across the globe.

  • Customization

    Developing precise solutions for specific needs, STPL technocrats are capable of taking your production into its next orbit, the way you want.

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